Olga Matyunina

professional artist

petportrait in WATERCOLORS

I love drawing animals!
These eyes, antennae, noses... Each has its own character, its own unique color, and of course they have emotions! All this adds up to an original portrait of your most beloved friend, family member, the smallest and such a sweet pet! Or maybe a protector? The one who is always on guard of your home and safety. The most devoted and severe, but infinitely loved!


Careful packaging of paintings
I really love my job and treat every painting with great care. Each work is carefully packaged and prepared for shipment. You can be sure of the safety of the painting during transportation. I pack small works (up to 70 cm) in a film and an envelope made of thick moisture-resistant cardboard. Then - in a standard envelope of the Russian Post or the Transport Company. Delivery method is up to you.
Упаковка картин перед отправкой к заказчику


Check out my interior paintings.
They can decorate your home!

The main source of my inspiration is nature! Most of all I love to travel, and mostly in the provinces, where there are flowers, forests, mountains and birds. This world is the best thing in our life and I try to show a piece of its beauty in my works.